UK: Union backed pro-Hamas campaigners to ‘educate’ membership about the Holocaust

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has today published on its website the resolutions passed at its annual general meeting last month.

The last of these is entitled “Building an anti-racist, anti-colonialist, Palestine solidarity movement – anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial”.

There is no indication of the background for this, no explanation of why a supposedly anti-racist movement would even have to discuss the question of Holocaust denial. (One normally associates that with the far Right.) And the PSC did not allow journalists to attend their AGM so there is no way to verify reports of what was discussed.

Nevertheless, the resolution is interesting in that it commits this union-backed campaign to “develop ways of integrating these principles [anti-racism and rejection of Holocaust denial] into the work of the movement .e.g., by means of educational discussion forums and literature.”

Britain’s trade unions, which fund and support this organisation, must now try to hold it to its word and we eagerly await news of the holding of such “educational discussion forums” and the publication of literature refuting Holocaust denial and combatting anti-Semitism. But don’t hold your breath.