Michael J. Leahy OBE


Michael J. Leahy, OBE, is General Secretary of Community (United Kingdom).

Born in Pontypool, South Wales, Married with two sons, Michael began his career as the youngest branch representative at the age of 16 and Sheet Trade Board representative at 17 years of age at the Panteg Works, South Wales. Michael, then started his full-time career as an Organiser in 1977, progressing to Senior Organiser, 1992-1993; Assistant General Secretary, 1993-1998; General Secretary Elect 1998-1999; General Secretary, 1999 to
date.  Michael’s main responsibilities are managing the Union and its employees, together with developing and implementing the strategic plans for the union, legal services & communications. Michael has been a Labour Party member since 1966 and is dedicated to working with the Government on new legislations and initiatives to the benefit of our members and communities as a whole.
Michael is a Member of the General Council and Executive Member of the TUC and Executive Member of the GFTU and EMF. Michael is also President of the Steel and Non-Ferrous, IMF British Section and Chairman of the National Trades Union Steel Coordinating Committee. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Central Arbitration Committee, Materials UK Board, British Steel Enterprise Board and President of The Welsh Trust for Prevention of Abuse.

His speech to the TUC in 2009 is here.