British fire fighter union calls for complete boycott of Israel

The sanctions call has been questioned by Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine (TULIP). The new organization works with Israeli and Palestinian trade unionists and non-governmental organizations to find practical ways to respond to Israel-boycott calls.

TULIP’s Eric Lee has accused the Fire Brigades Union of having a “split personality.”

“The irony here is that two months after the Gaza war - which supposedly made Israeli unions pariahs - unwelcome in the international trade union movement - the Fire Brigades Union happily joined forces with an Israeli union and just 10 other unions to launch a global federation of fire fighters unions,” Lee said. “I can’t imagine why they think it’s appropriate for them to work with Israeli trade unionists, but are calling on the TUC [Trade Union Congress] to ‘review’ its links with the Histadrut. It’s almost as if the FBU [Fire Brigades Union] had a severe case of split personality.”

For the full text, see this article in today’s Jerusalem Post.