Pro-peace campaigners in British unions begin the fightback

It was an extraordinary event — nearly 50 trade unionists from 15 different unions gathered in London at the end of January to discuss how to turn the tide in British trade unions.

They committed themselves to challenging the pro-Hamas narrative of the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” which is supported by many British unions.

The full day event, organised by Trade Union Friends of Israel and We Believe In Israel, with the support of TULIP, was written up in the Jewish Chronicle — read the full story here.

TULIP’s Eric Lee was the penultimate speaker, focussing on the international trade union scene.

It was “important to distinguish between support for Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself against terror and other threats – and support for the policies of the current right-wing Israeli government,” he said.

“What would help us enormously is the election of a pro-peace government in March, and Netanyahu’s retirement from politics.”