UK: Country’s largest unions to protest together with Israel-haters

Friends of Al Aqsa UK (FOA) supports the destruction of the Jewish state, supports Hamas (a terrorist organisation) and quotes Holocaust deniers.  Its website is full of nonsensical fake-history trying to prove that Jews have no right to their own country and general Israel-bashing.  (There’s more about them here.)

Next month, it will protest together with the “Palestinian Forum in Britain” and the “British Muslim Initiative” at the Israeli embassy in London.  The event has been called to commemorate “Israel’s 2008/9 massacre in Gaza”.

Among the other sponsors of the event are two of Britain’s largest trade unions — PCS and Unite the Union — unions which ostensibly still support the TUC position calling for peace and two-state solution.

What will they be doing there?  When the demonstrators chant “From the river to the sea!” (as they usually do on these occasions), will the British trade unionists challenge them?