Palestinian teachers can strike, rules PA Supreme Court

The Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Court has ruled that teachers have the right to strike.

The ruling follows an attempt by the PA to stop teachers from strikes which have been called to protest non-payment of salaries.

According to the report on the Maan website, “The teacher’s union said it was ‘delighted’ with the decision, with secretary-general Ahmed Sahwil promising that teachers and workers in the education ministry will ‘achieve all our legitimate rights, and impose them on the government.’ The PA is trying to put teachers ‘in the dock,’ he added, saying that the court’s decision was a blow to those ‘who stand in the way of teachers and workers in the education field.’”

In some countries, including parts of the USA, teachers are forbidden to strike.  (According to the Wikipedia, “Some states, such as New Jersey, Michigan, Iowa, and Florida, do not allow teachers in public schools to strike.”)