Histadrut launches “lightning campaign” using SMS, Facebook and the web to unionize yet another insurance company

According to this report in the daily financial newspaper Globes, the Histadrut has announced a “lightning campaign” to sign up one third of the employees of Migdal Insurance by tonight.

About 1,000 out of the company’s 3,000 workers are expected to join the union, which will force the company to bargain collectively.

The campaign follows on the successful unionization earlier this year of Clal insurance.  According to the report in Globes, “Their activity was slow and secret, but at Migdal, began to acquire the form of a full-scale military campaign.”

“There is no place where we are not active. We came organized and with the goal of winning,” a Histadrut source told “Globes”. “D-Day was set for today, and all Migdal employees received an SMS and link to a website to join the Histadrut digitally. The Histadrut also set up sign-up stalls across from the company’s headquarters in Petah Tikva, and activists from the union and employees are distributing brochures as we speak, calling on the employees to enter the special Facebook page set up for the unionization.”