Israel Apartheid Week launches - but where are the unions?

Today begins the 9th annual ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ in the UK and soon in other countries.

The main event in London is sponsored by a number of pro-Palestinian student groups but not, apparently, any union.

A quick search of British trade union websites shows no awareness of this week — which is the main event in the annual calendar of the pro-Hamas “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” — taking place at all.

The TUC International Issues page has nothing, nor does its Stronger Unions blog.

There’s nothing on Unison’s international page nor on the website of Unite.

Even the TIGMOO blog aggregator, which indexes scores of UK labour and union blogs had nothing this morning - not a word about ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ on any of its blogs.

This will almost certainly change over the next few days, but considering all the noise British unions make about their support for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the reality is that very few British trade unionists make its work a priority.