UNISON promotes anti-Israel video denouncing “pinkwashing”

UNISON, Britain’s giant public sector union, has today posted on its website - and promoted via Facebook and elsewhere - a video entitled “No pride in Israeli apartheid”.

The video, which lasts for 69 seconds, is — according to the union — “a short simple film telling Israel they are not fooled by its attempts to woo them over by presenting Israel as a gay-friendly destination.”

It is nothing of the sort.

The film consists solely of a group of people — filmed from quite a distance — gathering on a beach, and holding up signs which, apparently, condemn “Israeli apartheid”.  There’s a sound track of some music.  At one point the people on the beach seem to be shouting “Free free Palestine”.

And that’s it.

It’s not much as far as a convincing argument goes, which is understandable.  After all, Israel’s reputation as the only gay-and-lesbian friendly country in the region is, sadly, unchallenged.