Histadrut wins a reprieve for Sderot’s municipal workers

Sderot is famous around the world for being the favored target of Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets fired from Gaza.  As if the suffering of the local population over the last decade has not been enough, the local government decided to sack one-third of the town’s employees (100 workers) on the eve of the Passover holiday.  The Histadrut intervened with its legal team and managed to persuade the regional labour court in Be’er Sheva to rule against the sackings, and to compel the local authority to negotiate with the union.  According to the Histadrut’s Arnon Bar David, “we support a reform program for the municipality, but at its core it can’t be based on the living flesh of the workers.”

More on the Histadrut website (in Hebrew only).