The race for Histadrut leadership opens up- or does it?

We’ve been reporting here recently on attempts by two political leaders, including former Histadrut head Amir Peretz, to challenge the leadership of Ofer Eini.  Now a retired judge has recommended to the Histadrut that the candidacies of Peretz and also that of Eitan Cabel, be allowed.  And the Histadrut’s own election committee has agreed.  However, the story doesn’t end there.

The Histadrut is demanding that Cabel - whose membership in the trade union has been questioned, as he apparently hasn’t paid dues for several years - re-submit the names of 5,000 supporters.

And the current Histadrut leadership intends the challenge the validity fo the signatures of both candidates, claiming that there are many duplicates and other examples of fraud.

Meanwhile, Amir Peretz continues to say that he will not run if Cabel’s candidacy is recognized.

So things are not much clearer now than they were a week or two ago.  We will continue to cover this story on the TULIP website.