Workers’ pact for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel

The ITUC General Council meeting in Brussels last week adopted a statement on Peace and Justice in Palestine and Israel in furtherance of decisions taken at the ITUC World Congress.

The ITUC World Congress in Vancouver adopted a resolution on Peace, Security and the Role of the United Nations which sets out a clear pathway to secure a comprehensive peace between Israel and Palestine, based on the co-existence in conditions of security of two sovereign, independent andviable states.

We therefore commit to a Workers’ Pact for Peace and Justice for Palestine and Israel, based upon the ITUC Vancouver Resolution, and to trade union action to put this Pact into practice by:

Securing a Two-State solution

Engaging in dialogue with governments around the world to:

  • respect the Roadmap and ensure recognition for the need of two states for two peoples and the rights of all Palestinians and Israelis to live in security, within safe borders and free from occupation; and,support Palestinian Authority President Abbas and his government in the call to freeze settlement-building and for the resumption of meaningful peace talks, and to commit to providing the necessary solidarity to achieve a just outcome.
  • Supporting the resumption of meaningful peace talks and to commit to providing the necessary solidarity to achieve a just outcome.
  • Endorsing and participating in a Peace and Development Conference organised by the ITUC in Palestine; and,
  • Support and encourage action by the PGFTU Palestine and Histadrut Israel for peace, justice and workers’ rights.

Builing the State of Palestine

Decent Work and Social Protection are central to a viable economy.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian workers are unable to find employment under current conditions, causing widespread
despair and disillusion.

Urgent action to promote decent work opportunities for them is a priority.
The ITUC will therefore:

  • Support ILO technical assistance for the Palestinian Authority to implement its commitment to introduce labour laws in line with Conventions 87 and 98, a law for social protection, a law for an employment agency and a law for strengthening cooperatives;
  • Provide legal advice for the PGFTU negotiating these laws;
  • Work to have Governments, and the private sector, invest in key industries to promote jobs including construction, tourism, agriculture, value added industries and public services. In this context affiliates will promote the ILO Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection;
  • With the support of donors, establish skills programs to build the capacity of Palestinian workers;
  • Work with employers to build a private sector understanding that economic growth and stability require an independent economy inclusive of private enterprise; and,
  • Respond to the request of the Palestinian authority to promote tourism by trade union members.
  • 2011 must be a year of action for Peace between Israel and Palestine. The ITUC’s affiliates, in signing on to international solidarity in support of this Pact for Peace and Justice, mark our common commitment to security, freedom, democracy and opportunity for future generations of Palestinian and Israeli workers and their families.