IFJ: Problems with expelled Israeli journalists union not just financial, cites political differences

The International Federation of Journalists has made available correspondence regarding the expulsion of the Israeli journalists union.

According to the IFJ general secretary, “Given the NFIJ response to our efforts there is a strong feeling that the problems between us are less to do with financial considerations. The IFJ has over the past two years opened itself up to new working arrangements with Israeli colleagues; we have sought to discuss openly differences over our work in the region (our public statements on actions of the Israeli military in Lebanon and Palestine, for instance, and the Gaza mission report); and we have issued invitations to our events (through communications sent to the NFIJ headquarters).”

In a letter to affiliated unions, the IFJ writes:

“The action against the NFIJ …  was taken after numerous actions over the past three years to try to resolve disputes with some NFIJ leaders who have criticised the IFJ for its condemnation of actions by Israeli military and government over attacks on media in Lebanon and Gaza. The IFJ has sent missions to Israel to discuss these problems …”

TULIP will continue to report on this story and will attempt to get a response from the Israeli journalists union.