Histadrut: Hands off the workers, hands off our national labour court!

This evening (Tuesday) the chairman of Israel’s national trade union center, the Histadrut, Ofer Eini, responded to reports that the emerging coalition government now being formed intends to harm workers. 

“As I already said before the elections,” said Eini, “the Histadrut will not allow this, not even one shekel belonging to the workers.  The Histadrut will struggle until the end, using all the means at its disposal, against any attempt to harm the workers.” 

Eini also commented on reports of an plan to undermine the National Labour Court, and said “The National Labour Court is an inseparable pat of the judicial system, part of the rule of law and Israeli democracy.  The National Labour Court has a crucial role to play in industrial relations and any attempt to attack this institution is therefore a severe attack on democracy, the rule of law and industrial relations in Israel.  We will not let this happen.”