Big gains for the left in Israeli elections as pro-worker parties pick up 172,297 new votes

[Numbers updated today]

In an election that has resulted in a virtual tie, and whose outcome will now be determined by negotiations between all the parties, Israeli political parties linked to the labour movement have shown considerable gains in yesterday’s elections.

Here are the totals for those parties with the 2009 results in brackets.

  • Labour Party 432,083 [334,900] +97,183 29% gain
  • Meretz 172,340  [99,611] +72,729 73% gain
  • DFPE 113,610 [112,130] +1,480 1% gain
  • Da’am Workers Party 3,550 [2,645] +905  34% gain

The total gain in votes for these four parties was therefore 172,297, or the equivalent of nearly 6 Knesset seats.

The Histadrut does not officially support any of these parties, though its leader, Ofer Eini, endorsed the Labour Party in this year’s vote.