In Palestine, teachers strike yet again over unpaid salaries

According to this report on the Ma’an News Agency website, Palestinian teachers in the West Bank are set to strike this week and next to protest the continuing failure by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to pay their salaries. They received only partial payment of their November salaries last month.

Though the PA tends to blame Israel for the lack of funds (Israel having decided to withhold some money it normally transfers in reaction to the PA push for UN recognition last fall), the Arab countries have also failed to make their promised payments as well.
The Palestinians had been assured by those countries that they would pay no price for pushing the UN to recognize their independent state — but this has not turned out to be the case.

Meanwhile, news reports from the West Bank indicate that President Mahmoud Abbas plans to spend what little money the PA seems to have on changing the official name on all public documents, including passports, from “Palestinian Authority” to “State of Palestine”, rather than paying back salaries. Teachers are not likely to be happy with that decision.