Victory at Pelephone as company agrees to union representation

In a major victory for the trade union movement, Israel’s Histadrut was last night recognized by the mobile phone carrier Pelephone as the representative of its workers following a long dispute.

A joint statement issued by the employer and the union stated that “Pelephone’s management and the Histadrut announced that an examination of the forms carried out by Pelephone today found that there was the third necessary by law for the purpose of representation at the company. Pelephone therefore announces that it recognizes the Histadrut as the representative union at Pelephone. The parties will enter into negotiations on a collective agreement. The strike is over immediately and the employees will return to regular work tomorrow.”

The victory follows four months of struggle that culminated in a historic court decision last week in which Israel’s national labour court ruled that an employer cannot intervene, as Pelephone had done, in the right of its employees to form a union.

The organisation of mobile phone workers into a trade union has proven difficult in many countries, making the Histadrut victory important for unions everywhere.

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