Histadrut calls mass demo to show solidarity with Pelephone workers

The fight to unionize Pelephone, the Israeli mobile phone carrier, continues to dominate labour news from the country.  Today (Thursday), the Histadrut is holding a rare street demonstration in the heart of Tel Aviv in solidarity with the organizing campaign at Pelephone.   The national union center’s call for the demonstration refers to the works councils “taking off their gloves” as the struggle to support Pelephone’s 800 workers intensifies.

Representatives of some of the country’s largest works councils, including from the Tel Aviv municipality, the electrical company, several banks, the telecoms giant Bezeq (which owns Pelephone) and representatives of the Dror youth movement are expected to attend.  The march begins at noon at the Tel Aviv museum.  The full report (in Hebrew only) is here, on the Histadrut website.