“Historic day for the right to organize” as labour court backs Histadrut against Pelephone

The Histadrut this afternoon announced (on Facebook) ¬†what its leader, Ofer Eini, has hailed as a “historic day”.

The national labour court ruled today that the employer has no right to intervene or even express its opinion in the early stages of a union organizing campaign — in this case, the fight at the mobile carrier Pelephone.

The court fully accepted the Histadrut’s argument, which was backed by the state.

The Histadrut brought the case to court following efforts by the employer to thwart a union organizing campaign at Pelephone.

The court went so far as to tell Pelephone management that it was not to attempt to tell workers what it thinks of the campaign.

Eini said that the court decision would have far-reaching ramifications, and that many workers in different sectors of the economy would now find it much easier to join and form trade unions.