Israeli unions strike another blow against casualisation

Yesterday the Histadrut announced another victory in the fight against precarious work in Israel. Some 40 lawyers employed by the Ministry of Justice to represent low income people, all of whom were previously employed as freelancers, have now been recognized as state employees with all the benefits associated with that. This is part of the broader agreement reached between the Histadrut and the government following a general strike earlier in the year.

A representative of the lawyers in the Ministry of Justice, Limor Cohen-Merhavi, was quoted as saying: “Today more than ever we are proud to provide legal services to all those who can’t afford them, to improve the services delivered by the state in general and by the Ministry of Justice in particular. The Histadrut’s action has been good for the country, the workers and the citizens who don’t have the ability to choose a private attorney. We thank the Histadrut for its action.”