Palestinian truckers’ project goes operational

An innovative new initiative designed to provide truck drivers in Palestine with basic services at the border crossing with Israel began operations last week.

A ceremony to mark the start of the ITF-funded project, one in a series of programmes to assist drivers across the country, took place on 13 November in Tulkarem, the ITF website reports.

Among those present at the event were Shaher Sa’ad, secretary-general of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions and Nasser Younis, president of the General Union for Transport Workers.

The project aims to help improve the working conditions of Palestinian drivers at the border with Israel where they frequently wait for goods to arrive. Services include: the provision of refreshments, toilet facilities and parking areas. Union education is also on hand.

Shaher Sa’ad expressed his appreciation for the project. He said: “This project represents the kind of practical organising steps that all organisations could learn from.

“All truck drivers in Palestine will benefit from this project, and this will provide the union with a good opportunity to meet, organise and educate the drivers.”

The project’s formal launch will take place in the new year.

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