Three Palestinian Unions welcome Obama’s speech

The Government Workers Union, the Health Workers Union and the Teachers Union issued a press release welcoming the Cairo speech of the US president, Barack Obama, especially his statements on the two-state solution, rejecting settlements, and calling for ending the Palestinian suffering.

The three unions stated that Obama’s remarks on Jerusalem as the capital of all faiths are very encouraging.

The statement was released by Jamil Shihada, secretary-general of the Teacher Union, Bassam Zakarna, secretary-general of the Government Workers Union, and Osama Al Najjar, secretary-general of the Health Workers Union.

They said that Obama’s statements on his support to the Palestinian right of statehood, and the statement about “the Palestinians and Israelis live in peace and security” are very encouraging and indicate the he intends to pursue this goal.

Zakarna stated that Obama focused on justice and democracy, especially when he said that when Israel demands the Palestinians to recognize its right to exist, it should recognize the Palestinian right to exist and to establish an independent state.

Zakarna also said that it is very encouraging to hear Obama demanding Israel to halt the construction of settlements, and his statement regarding Jerusalem as the capital of the three faiths.

Furthermore, Zakarna added that a new era would start between the Arab and Muslim Nations, and The United States, adding that Obama stressed on the fact the granting the Palestinians their legitimate rights is also an Israeli, American and international interest.

He called on the Palestinians to unite and deal with the new policy and new language used by the United States.