COSATU backs protests against Israel – as part of WFTU actions

South African unions are planning a big anti-Israel protest march on the eve of this year’s Jewish High Holidays.

The protest march is in support of the  call for global action by the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) which is widely known as the Stalinist International,  dominated by old-style communist unions and unions from authoritarian anti-democratic societies.

The South African protest march to the Israeli Embassy comes just as a new round of peace talks between Israel and Palestine have begun in the USA under the  auspices of President Obama and with both the Egyptian President and the King of Jordan in attendance.

The protest is scheduled for September 7 – the day before the most important dates in the Jewish calendar – the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah ( begins September 8 ) and then a little later the most important date – Yom Kippur.

These two days and the days in between are known as the Days of Awe and the Days of Repentance – a very emotional period in the life of any Jewish community.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has adopted an extremely hostile anti-Israel position.

The much larger, dominant and more important global union grouping the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has adopted a position calling on unions across the globe to support active co-operation between Israeli and Palestinian workers and their unions in the drive for peace.

ITUC unions blasted as ‘ tied to ruling class, backing apartheid Israel’

Reflecting on the different positions of WFTU and ITUC  the International Officer for COSATU, Mr Bongani Masuku, has blasted the ITUC stance taken at their Vancouver, Canada, World Congress this year.

In a statement released yesterday ( September 1) Masuku claims that many of the ITUC affiliated national trade union centres are “tied to their ruling classes and as agents of their government foreign policies, they support apartheid Israel, as was seen in Vancouver, Canada.”

What Mr Masuku forgets to say is that COSATU took an aggressive anti-Israel position to the ITUC World Congress but it failed to get support on the floor of Congress during the crucial debate on the Middle East.

Masuku controversial: promotes violence, hate speech

Bongani Masuku

Masuku is a controversial figure having been found in 2009 by the South African Human Rights Commission to have promoted hate speech and incited violence against Jews in South Africa with a number of inflammatory speeches on university campuses.

Masuku released the statement of  support for COSATU’S affiliate, NUMSA who are organising a march to the Israeli embassy on September 7, in response to a global call by the WFTU for action on the day.

Imperialists impose peace talks with the barrel of a gun

” This is a very important undertaking given the deepening crisis in Palestine and Israeli intransigence regarding the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land,” Bongani Masuku says on the COSATU website.

“ This march also takes place at a time when the imperialists have imposed upon the Palestinian people, negotiations under the barrel of a gun, which have been designed to serve the interests of forcing the Palestinians to succumb to the bully tactics of the US and Israel.

“ The terms of negotiation, the terrain of struggle has been made to favour the occupying force through several brutal incursions and continued destabilisation of Palestine by the Israeli forces.

“ The struggle for a Free Palestine has assumed new heights with the growing global momentum for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli,” Mr Masuku writes.

“ This has seen several unions in the world, particularly in Europe taking decisive measures to act against Israeli apartheid, which COSATU salutes. “

Vancouver ITUC Congress exposed unions who act as agents for Gvt foreign policy backing ‘apartheid Israel’

“ This is despite a few amongst them who are tied to their ruling classes and as agents of their government foreign policies, they support apartheid Israel, as was seen in Vancouver, Canada.

“ COSATU affiliates, such as NUMSA, SAMWU, SATAWU and several have taken firm steps towards the implementation of the BDS Campaign and expose the ruthlessness of this apartheid monster called Israel.

“ We call on all affiliates to support this march and related activities towards that end.”