Palestine Solidarity Campaign – not many trade unionists, but proud of links to pro-terror IHH

The website of the London-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign boasts  that it “organised a supermarket action to mark the fifth anniversary of the BNC’s call for boycott, divestment and sanctions on July 9” and that “representatives from some of Britain’s largest trade unions, Unite, Unison and PCS” participated in the event.  This is followed by a link to the campaign’s photostream on Flickr.  But when you look at the photos, three things become obvious.

First, there are very few people participating in the action.  Even if there were representatives of the three unions named, there are at most a handful of them in attendance.  How representative they actually are of unions with several million members is not clear.

Second, there is only one union banner, which you can spot in the background, if you look carefully enough, for the PCS union representing civil servants and one lone Unite member holding a union flag. Everyone else is carrying signs bearing the name of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign or another pro-Hamas NGO.  Hardly a convincing display of a union presence at the event.

And finally, when you look through the rest of the organization’s photostream, you come across some photos which were taken before the last Gaza “Freedom Flotilla” set sail.  These proudly display the banner of the Turkish IHH — and are labelled as such.  Of course the PSC doesn’t tell anyone that the IHH is widely believed to be a terrorist organization, closely linked to Hamas.  It clearly considers the IHH a fraternal organization.

The PSC uses the fact that some trade unionists — a handful, at most — showed up at an event to show mass support for their agenda of boycotting and demonizing Israel.  But the fact that their Flickr page gives so much more prominence to the banners of Turkish pro-terror group shows where the PSC’s real support lies.