Innovative new joint trade union project to aid Palestinian drivers

We’ve received this report of an innovative new project being launched by trade unions in Israel and Palestine with the backing of the international trade union movement. This is exactly the kind of positive engagement that can lead to genuine peace and reconciliation.

“An important area of cooperation between the Histadrut and PGFTU is illustrated by the joint project between the Israeli and Palestinian Transport Workers Unions. This project, which received the blessing of the Histadrut and its Chairman Eini, is being implemented with senior representatives from the Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories, the PGFTU – Palestinian Transport Workers Union – and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).”

“In the framework of this project, an “Emergency Hotline” will be established for the members of the PGFTU – Palestinian Transport Union drivers, who are unable to cross the checkpoints and go to work in Israel. The latter will now be able to call the Hotline and get assistance directly from a contact person from the Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories. This cooperation will provide an answer to PGFTU-Palestinian Transport Workers Union members complaints at checkpoints, and will improve their lives in the Palestinian Authority.”